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With patio covers, Mercury transforms outdoor living space into a haven of comfort and style, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your backyard while staying protected from the elements. Our patio cover installation service elevates your outdoor lifestyle, providing shade, durability, and style to homes in the Austin, Texas, area.

Superb Patio Cover Designs

Our patio covers are manufactured by TEMO, a top manufacturer in the industry. You can expect our TEMO patio covers to be made with the finest materials that meet the unique demands of the Texas climate. Plus, our outdoor patio covers come in many styles, so you can find the perfect match for your home and personal preferences. Whether you’re seeking relief from the scorching sun or want a cozy spot to entertain guests, our patio covers offer the ideal solution. Our backyard covered patio cover styles include:

Sunlight Pavilion

Featuring a polycarbonate roof, the Sunlight Pavilion patio cover allows the perfect amount of sunlight to filter through while keeping out harmful UV rays. This unique design ensures you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without compromising on comfort. The Sunlight Pavilion effortlessly blends elegance with functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect balance between openness and shade in their outdoor space.

Santa Fe

For a touch of Mediterranean charm, our Santa Fe covered patios present a solid thermal roof adorned with pergola lattice trim. This stylish addition enhances the overall look and provides a solid shield against the elements. The option to add retractable screens, thanks to the curtain wall along the roof’s perimeter, allows you to enclose the space whenever desired.

St. Thomas 

Our St. Thomas patio covers are a visual delight. Supported by Florentine columns and featuring a single beam and corbel design, the St. Thomas covers offer a sophisticated and refined look. The curtain wall option, akin to our Santa Fe style, allows for the addition of retractable screens.


Our carports offer a shaded haven for your vehicles or boats. Designed to protect from the elements, our carports are an excellent solution for homeowners seeking a covered space without the hassle and expense of building a garage. Choose practicality without sacrificing style, as our carports seamlessly integrate into your outdoor space, ensuring your vehicles stay shielded and secure in all weather conditions.

Experienced Patio Cover Company

With years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we bring unmatched expertise to every patio cover installation project. Our deep understanding of Austin’s climate allows us to recommend the best materials and styles that withstand the local weather conditions, ensuring your investment remains strong and beautiful for years to come.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a patio cover?

TEMO patio covers can be installed within 1-2 days on an approved foundation, providing a quick and efficient solution to enhance your outdoor space.

What patio cover styles are available?

Choose from various styles, including the Sunlight Pavilion, Santa Fe, St. Thomas, and Carports, catering to different aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Are TEMO patio covers low maintenance?

Yes, TEMO patio covers feature electrostatic finishes that don’t fade or peel, requiring virtually no annual maintenance.

Connect With a Patio Cover Expert

You can count on our expert team to upgrade your outdoor living space because we have installed many patio covers throughout Austin, TX. You can see some of the results through our patio cover gallery. You might even find the perfect patio cover for your home from our gallery selection. Our team would love to chat about your dream patio cover, so contact Mercury today to schedule a consultation. 

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